Clean work. Millions of times over

Cleaning is for us a process step that is to be categorised as crucial to quality in the process chain. For this reason cleaning is not a peripheral process for us, instead it is considered an integral element as early as the design of the overall process. We clean automatically, using multiple chamber systems and automated processes in the area of cleaning media treatment and filter technology.

We place the highest requirements on ourselves


The cleaning starts for us with the goal of minimising the residual soiling already in the production process. To ensure that all our parts meet the high requirements we place on ourselves, we use specific transport containers or carriers that aid cleaning by ensuring the cleaning agent can flow freely. Together with the continuous residual soiling analyses, the cleaning systems represent the final stage; if the requirements on the residual soiling are high, visual 100% inspections are possible afterwards.

Solutions for part cleaning

The workpiece and the nature of its soiling determine the cleaning medium and the type of cleaning system used. For cleaning and protection using aqueous media and non-halogenated hydrocarbons, a system from the market leader EcoClean is available that operates with a full vacuum and that ensures high cleaning quality with simultaneously short cycle times and maximum flexibility.

Cleaning on an aqueous basis

Environmentally-friendly aqueous cleaning agents play the most important role in industrial cleaning technology. Aqueous media are available as alkaline cleaning agents, neutral cleaning agents and acidic cleaning agents. They are mostly preferred if a very large amount of cleaning is required and/or fine and ultrafine cleaning are required.

EcoCwave – of universal application, reduced unit costs, stable process quality for the aqueous cleaning of parts.
Hydrocarbon technology

Cleaning using chlorinated solvents is one of the classic processes in industrial part cleaning. Its success is based on the following characteristics:

  • Very good degreasing action
  • Low surface tension
  • Quick part drying
  • No flash point

With its integrated process air volume displacement (PLV), the EcoCcore has a particularly efficient and environmentally-friendly system for the complete waste air-free operation of hydrocarbon cleaning systems without activated carbon filters. Due to its design for a multiple stage process – cleaning, rinsing, steam degreasing and drying – it also fulfils tasks in fine and ultrafine cleaning.

EcoCwave – of universal application, reduced unit costs, stable process quality for the aqueous cleaning of parts.
Additional cleaning technologies

  • In-line cleaning by means of airflow technology
  • In-line cleaning by means of integrated centrifugal systems
  • In-line or also separate cleaning techniques combined with vibration with/or without air technologies