Our mission statement

We know what we do

This mission statement is intended to provide orientation. To everyone who works at EZU. And to everyone who works with EZU. Orientation on good interaction at all times, sustainably impressive work results and a clear, unmistakable profile.


Every single one of us orientates their daily actions on the guiding principle: “I know what I do.” This is the contribution of every single one of us to the EZU vision: “We know what we do.” This vision can become a reality if everyone starts with themselves.


A functioning stream of communication safeguards our success. For this reason we pass on information honestly, in good time and to an appropriate extent. We give consideration to the persons for whom this information is important to be able to do a good job. We also provide each other with open feedback (praise and criticism). In this way we know how we are perceived and are aware of our strengths or we can work on our weaknesses.


We treat everyone who we deal with at EZU during our day-to-day work such that good, respectful collaboration is possible. We treat equipment and machines carefully and conscientiously, and also take into consideration the environment and the resources.


In relation to our work, and also in relation to our interactions with each other, we always aim to be that little bit better, to be one step ahead and to deliver clear added value. This can be very different from task to task and from person to person.