Manufacture of precision turned parts

Precision – precisely to your requirements

Precision is not a qualitative characteristic in itself, but is produced from the specific requirements that are placed on a turned part. In principle, we are able to manufacture as precisely as you want. We can just do it, but also highly precisely. With our know-how and our experience we support you in obtaining an ideal relationship between precision, quality and costs.

Man and machine


For the manufacture of precision turned parts we have the latest machines as well as the skills and experience of our highly qualified employees.

We manufacture using the following machine categories:

  • Long CNC turning technology Ø (4) 6 mm – Ø 32 mm
  • Single-spindle short CNC turning technology up to ø 80 mm from bar material
  • CNC chuck machining of blanks from ø 6 – ø 150 mm
  • CNC chuck machining of blanks or sawn parts up to ø 300 or approx. 10 kg
  • Cam-controlled multiple spindle technology up to ø 25 mm
  • Multiple spindle CNC technology up to ø 35 mm