Movement with system

With over 4,000 euro pallet and mesh crate bays, EZU is also a powerful customer partner for packaging and logistics. While in a few exceptional situations, work is still undertaken manually, most components are packed automatically in the carriers provided by our customers.
We are able to load almost all common carriers and pick the parts for loading as called by our customers. Using the custom packaging machines, we can also weld and pack the components in plastic sheet immediately after the 100% inspection.

  • 4,000 euro pallet bays
  • Centralised warehouses in production
  • Call & process-orientated warehouses
  • Short paths for the ability to react quickly
  • All euro standards followed in relation to the means of packaging
  • Internal logistics for tools, Kardex etc.
  • EDI customer interfaces possible

Packaging technologies with future

We do not leave anything to chance also in relation to the packaging of our precision components and modules. On the one hand to meet the highest requirements on purity, on the other hand to offer optimal protection during transport and storage; at EZU the packaging is the dot on the i in a production process thought-through from start to finish.

ezu_save the dolphins

Save the dolphins

Responsibility for people and environment

Die Verschmutzung der Weltmeere durch The contamination of the world’s oceans with plastic waste is one of the most important ecological problems of our time. Under the heading “Save the dolphins” we work continuously on reducing our consumption of plastic sheet for packaging. By using the latest shrinking/thermal technology that can reduce the demand for plastic sheet by up to 80%, we make a noticeable contribution to saving resources. The consistent usage of reusable packaging systems makes an important contribution here.

Some of our services in the area of packaging:

  • Packing clean in plastic sheet containers or carriers
  • Packing clean and clean containers
  • Packaging for overseas freight
  • Packaging with corrosion protection
  • Packaging with or in customer containers