Intelligent solutions for large quantities

EZU produces precision turned parts and machines blanks. Of almost any size. Preferably in large quantities. Due to our process-orientated project management, we ensure speed, flexibility and cost-effective production.

Down-to-earth and medium-sized


EZU was founded in 1983 by Eberhard Zumkeller and transferred to his children Andreas Zumkeller and Claudia Mauch on the company’s 25th anniversary in 2008. We stand by our medium-sized family tradition and take responsibility for our region and its people with all kinds of projects. There is a recurring theme running through the company’s success story: excellent quality is produced with innovative technologies and qualified employees.

Andreas Zumkeller
Senior Director


Company spokesperson,
strategic business management,
customer contact person,
technology development

Success in the 21st century is determined by 'and' & 'we' thinking. Concentrating on only 'I' or on 'either/or' is out-dated.

Manuel Welte
Senior Director


Operative business management,
customer contact person,
personnel development,
project planning

We do not need to be cleverer than others, just more disciplined. If you sow, you can also harvest, but you harvest what you sowed.
(loosely based on a quotation from Warren Buffett)
Andreas Reichle

Andreas Reichle


Operative Unternehmensführung,
Produktion & Prozessentwicklung,

Als man den Tagen Namen gab, war die Anforderung an Prozessketten noch viel zu gering. Gemeinschaftlich dieser Anforderung gerecht zu werden, wird unsere Aufgabe.



Founding with focus on the bicycle and furniture sectors


EZU gets started in the automotive sector


We are a second-generation family-owned enterprise


Process of changing from a workshop to an industrial enterprise


15 years of automotive diesel technology – 100,000,000 components delivered


10 years of automatic gearboxes 250,000,000 components delivered


EZU moves on to the future – new horizons: aerospace and e-mobility. Expansion of the possibilities - entry into larger machining dimensions


With the opening of the second site in Balingen, the management at EZU sets clear signs for further growth. On a 10,000 sq m site with approx. 4,000 sq m of production area, approx. 1,000 sq m for infrastructure, social facilities, canteen and technical departments as well as 1,000 sq m of the latest office space, there is room for much that is new.