Machining of pressed, forged and deep-drawn blanks

Process know-how for low unit costs

The manufacture of turned parts based on blanks offers attractive advantages compared to machining from bar material. Increased material efficiency, reduced process time – where fewer chips arise there are lower costs.


Against these advantages, however, there are increased requirements during manufacturing: the processes of loading, clamping correctly and unloading are crucial for the quality and cost-effectiveness of the manufacturing and require additional know-how. In addition to the high-quality special clamping technology available on the market, EZU has also developed its own clamping concepts and realises them in-house in it is own fixture making shop.

  • CNC – chuck machining of blanks from Ø 6 – Ø 150 mm
  • CNC – chuck machining of blanks or sawn parts up to Ø 300 or approx. 10 kg




  • Machining using machining centre
  • Max. cubic size 250 x 250 x 250 mm