EZU manufactures precision turned parts and machines blanks. Of almost any size. Preferably in large quantities. Due to our process-orientated project management, we ensure speed, flexibility and cost-effective production.

Our core competencies

Manufacture of precision turned parts

With our know-how and our experience we support you in obtaining an ideal relationship between precision, quality and costs.

Machining of blanks

The manufacture of turned parts based on pressed, forged and deep-drawn blanks offers clear advantages compared to machining from bar material: increased material efficiency, reduced process time, lower costs.

Hard machining

Along with our expertise in the area of soft machining, we also offer our customers high-quality, efficient solutions in the area of hard machining and hard turning, burnishing and finishing.


Year of foundation


Million components delivered




Percent customer satisfaction

Our services

Intelligent processes for cost-effective solutions: at EZU you receive much more than just parts turned “from bar material”.

Manufacture / Production

From precision turned part to the assembly of complete modules: we have a clever solution for (almost) everything


Cleaning is not a peripheral process for us, instead it is considered an integral element as early as the design of the overall process.

100% Inspection

We inspect as much and as often as necessary – visually, tactilely, with or without contact in accuracy classes from 0.001 mm.


With over 4,000 euro pallet and mesh crate bays and our clever packaging machines, EZU is also a powerful partner for packaging and logistics.