Social commitment

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Success brings with it responsibility. As a down-to-earth, medium-sized company we are deeply rooted in our region and thankful for the resources of public spirit, hard work and ingenuity this region offers us. We want to give something back to society with our social commitment in the region and our development projects in Uganda. We therefore regularly support charitable organisations and projects that are reliant on our help.

Ich helfe Dir e. V., Trossingen

For 8 years we have supported the association ich helfe Dir e. V. Trossingen. We are founding members and members of the board because for us it is very important to help people who do not live on the sunny side of our Earth and because social commitment is essential for us.


We campaign for people who are in difficulty, who are ill, who fight for their existence every day or who have lost their homes due to catastrophes.

We support various projects in Uganda financially. With these people we erect buildings, assist them with projects and encourage them to help themselves. During our 8 years of collaboration with these people, a nursery school for more than 100 places, a school for 200 children, an infirmary and a livestock-breeding scheme (chickens and pigs) have come into existence. A women’s group with more than 80 members has set up its own catering organisation. They cook for the nursery school, the school or for weddings and funerals, in the open on a fire.


The food for the schoolchildren and nursery school children is financed by the sponsorship from the association. Because the average income in Uganda is 5 euros and only a few people have work, many cannot afford a meal. The women have started to lend money and open “savings accounts”. In this way the people learn, step-by-step, how to deal with money, to value commodities, to develop ambition and discipline to build themselves a better life.

VITA e.V. Assistenzhunde

VITA e.V. Assistenzhunde (VITA) is a non-profit association that provides an assistance dog to people with disabilities and in this way helps them to achieve more independence and a better quality of life. As a VITA sponsor we have supported the team of Fabio and Madison since 2015.


At that time Fabio was 9 years old, he is spastic paralysed, cannot talk, cannot eat on his own and needs round the clock help. His parents are there for him 24 hours a day. A therapy dog is specially trained and helps the family in their everyday life. The dog’s training only starts once it has been ensured the costs are covered. Fabio finally received his Madison after 2 years. Madison reacts to the wink of an eye, a hand movement or sounds from Fabio. The dog knows these signs and sounds the alarm, gets help or lays her paw on Madison’s lap to calm him. Since then Fabio has made great progress (he can laugh, raise his hand or foot, minor things for us, milestones for him). He is much calmer and happier. This change gives the entire family a little relief and security during everyday life.

Weißer Ring

The only non-profit association in Germany that provides assistance to victims has around 3,000 voluntary helpers in more than 400 local offices, Weisser Ring helps people who have been victims of crime or violence.


We co-operate with Weißer Ring via our association Ich helfe Dir e.V. and support people in our area who are severely ill and can no longer make a living, e.g. with payments for medicines or helpers for dressing and food.

The Food Bank, Trossingen

The food bank in Trossingen is part of the Tuttlingen social welfare service and operates based on the proven principle of food banks: food discarded by the markets but still edible is collected and distributed to people in need at very economical prices (80% below the normal price).
Our association Ich helfe Dir e.V. supports the Trossingen food bank with more durable food that is therefore only rarely distributed by the food banks. Coffee, tea, sugar, pasta and cosmetic articles are in particular demand and rare commodities.

DRK Dog Team, Trossingen

The work of the DRK (Deutsches Rote Kreuz – German Red Cross) dog team in Trossingen is fascinating and signifies a very large amount of effort that, however, pays off because in emergencies the dog team can save lives. We support the team due to their outstanding achievement.

School Fruit Project

The goal of the school fruit project is to introduce children to healthy eating at an early age and to convey to them that fruit is not only healthy, but it also tastes good too. A practical promotion of good health in the region and we are pleased to support it. Seasonal fruit is distributed to the children in the breaks at the Wachtfels school and the St Vinzenz nursery school in Kolbingen – a healthy vitamin kick the kids enjoy and have already known for years.

Nursery School

The next generation – the Koenigsheim nursery school is a welcome guest at EZU. The little ones are at the company for a whole morning. After a breakfast buffet they pass through the individual departments. Of course, not without taking home a small souvenir, a name badge, a balloon and many impressions.


On the playground in Koenigsheim there is a group of houses on stilts sponsored by us on which the “little ones” can climb, hide and run riot. Being able to play and be a child is wonderful and important for a healthy, happy future.

Koenigsheim nursery school / Koenigsheim


Whether at the secondary school, the “Rosenschule” or at the Trossingen grammar school – we are pleased to help where we can: for example with financial assistance for the design of the school yard (standing height tables) and for handicrafts materials, or by providing support during school celebrations, sports events or school events.

Yachtclub Fließhorn e.V.

Adjusting to changes, repeatedly adopting a new course and staying on course in strong wind – the challenges that sailing sets us delight the passionate sailing enthusiast Andreas Zumkeller. The encouragement of young sailors to develop enthusiasm and passion for a sport is a matter close to our heart.

The “Tramontana” and the “Chili” regularly take winning places at regattas under EZU sails. Our trainees get to know the rules of the sea away from everyday working life at EZU. During a day trip they can be the skipper, reef the sails or simply just feel the wind, provided it is not dead calm.